Covid-19 Policy – Local Pest Control Illawarra

To our valued clients,

We hope you are keeping well during these current events. We would just like to update you on changes to our current work practices during these times, which will be in effect until further notice.

Due to the nature of our work, we do work in close contact with people and their homes and possessions, so we would like to work in conjunction with you, to enable us to carry out your service in the safest way possible for everyone. Please also note that I have completed the online course from the Australian Government, Department of Health pertaining to Infection Control Training – COVID-19.

Local Pest Control Illawarra have implemented the below covid-19 policy.
Copy of Local Pest Control Illawarra’s covid-19 policy will be emailed to you prior to the appointment date.

The day before the scheduled appointment, a text message will be sent if you could please answer the questions.

No shaking hands or greetings of a close physical nature.

Our technician’s will be undertaking a covid-19 test once a week.

Our technician’s have undertaken the 1st jab on 20/8/21. Second jab will be on the 1/10/21.

We will be wearing disposable PPE as recommended by NSW health, and disposable gloves for the duration of the internal service (wearing chemical resistant gloves externally). Disposable masks will be worn internally and during the external treatment where appropriate.

Maintaining 2m personal distance where possible.

Limiting the items we come into contact within your home or place of work.

The property to be unoccupied for the duration of the treatment and zero contact is to be maintained. In the event that the home owner or occupants are still at the property our technician’s will stay in the vehicle until the house is unoccupied and this will maintain zero contact.

All requirements will be discussed on the day prior to the scheduled appointment.

We will not be accepting any drinks, food or offers to sit down at customer’s home.

If we could ask the following conditions of our valued clients, it would be most appreciated in order to work together to protect everyone.

Disinfect all door handles, cupboard door/drawer handles prior to arrival.

Turn air conditioning on when advised by technician to stop excessive sweating.
Open one side gate to gain entry to the rear yard.

Pay by direct deposit to limit contact between cash and hands.

Ensure all kid’s toys, pet toys, food/water bowls etc. are out of the way so we don’t need to move them. Ideally 1m away from internal walls, outdoor toys away from the building (if this does not occur our technician’s may skip this section).

We thank you in advance for your understanding and full disclosure, if we need to reschedule because:

You or any of your household contacts have returned from anywhere overseas or interstate in the past 14 days (14 Day reschedule)

You or anyone in your household are displaying cold or flu like symptoms (14 Day reschedule) need to show a negative covid-19 test result.

You or anyone in your household are under self-isolation for suspected coronavirus (28 day reschedule).

You are a close contact of anyone who has been confirmed to have coronavirus (28 day reschedule).

By adhering to these simple procedures, we are keeping your family, our family and the greater community as safe as possible while still carrying on with day to day functions and tasks. We sincerely thank you for your understanding and efforts in these very trying times.

Should you have any further questions or queries regarding these procedures, please do not hesitate to get in contact with me via phone or email.

We will continue to work where possible and until such times as the lockdown restrictions are further tightened, stay safe and be well.

Kind Regards,

Brett Todd
Local Pest Control Illawarra
0414 998 163.

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