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Fleas eradication and treatment

Fleas are pests in households and businesses and can be very invasive. The Wollongong climate offers ideal living conditions and can see a small infestation quickly get out of control.

When the warmer weather comes upon us fleas can enter your home, workplace and yards. When having pets that are inside and outdoor it is important to keep up the flea treatment especially in the summer period as fleas can be very irritating if they enter the home and start breeding.

When treating for fleas, we add a growth inhibitor to the main chemical. The growth inhibitors main function is to eradicate the eggs that may hatch after the treatment has been completed. Adult fleas can lay eggs, so this means the cycle will be broken.

  • Flea pest control
  • Flea pest control
  • Flea pest control
Flea Insects Treatment

How We can help

Flea treatments

The process of the flea treatment is identifying the problematic areas internally and externally at your property. We will request that all loose items are to be picked up from the carpet and grassed areas as the affected will be treated, the technique is called blanket treatment. In serve situations we will treat lounge base and bed frames. It is recommended to do a follow up treatment to assure all the fleas have been treated.

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Flea pest control

Flea species in Australia

Things that you can do to assist with the flea treatment

Vacuum all your floors including timber and tile floors, lounges, footrests, and cushions. Once Vacuuming has been completed remove the bag from the vacuum and double bag and tie tightly and place into the garbage bin. Wash all your bedding including pillows and any pet bedding in warm to hot water (follow care instructions on per item recommendation). Place all bedding, pillows, clothing cushions ect into a double bag and tie tightly when transporting to the laundry so the fleas do not jump out and infest other parts of the home. Regularly treat your pets (speak to a veterinarian regarding dosage and type of treatment). Keeping lawns low as possible prior to treatment and after the treatment as the aim is to get the chemicals to the soil.
Flea Identity

Flea species in Australia

How to Identify Fleas

Fleas are a wingless insect and have two long front legs that gives them significant power to allow them to jump high. They are a flat oval shape and brown in colour, and are approx. 2.5mm long, but this can vary if they have just fed. Fleas have a head, mouth, two eyes, six legs and two antennae and are a sucking type of insect.

The Pupa stage of the flea can remain dormant for up to 12 months depending on conditions. Adult fleas will emerge from the pupa stage when sensing a blood meal, vibrations or the warm weather.

Flea Identity


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get fleas?
There are many ways to be infested by fleas, the main situations are from our pets or rodents that are infested and come into our yards, also not brushing our selves down after being to the yard.
Are Fleas harmful to your health?
No, but can irritate our skin and be annoying.
Can fleas lay dormant?
Yes they can, up to 12 months.

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