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When we do Spider treatments, every room will be sprayed with insecticide unless otherwise instructed not to. We will spray pest control powder into to the roof void through the access panel in the ceiling followed by spraying low around the skirting board areas. We will also treat the sub-floor areas and weep holes.
Spider treatments

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Spider treatments

Once outside we will spray the perimeter of your home, eaves, fascia, around window frames and verandas, paying special attention to spider activity, spider webs and other areas we can see that may harbour spiders.

We create a barrier in the yard by spraying your Colorbond fence, clothes line, out-house, retaining walls, garden sheds, letters box and garbage bins.

Please Do not remove spider webs before the treatment as this helps us treating your spider problem. Leave all spider webs for approximately two weeks following a treatment as this will allow the treatment to work with maximum effect.

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Redback spider

Spider species

Red back

The adult female Redback spider is easily recognised by a deep black round abdomen with a recognizable red stripe on its back. The two front legs are longer than the rest. The adult female Redback are larger than the males at approximately 10 mm in length while males are approximately 3-4 mm in length.

The males red markings are often less noticeable and overall can look very different to the female. The body is light brown with white markings on the upper side of the abdomen and a pale hour-glass marking on the underside.

Redbacks are mainly nocturnal and rarely leave their web and usually only bite if they have been disturbed or are threatened.

Found throughout Australia and very common in the Illawarra area, redbacks are more commonly found in residential and commercial spaces.

Their webs can be found in dry, dark, sheltered sites, in and around rocks, in logs, stored fire wood, garden sheds, children’s play equipment or the old out house. Whilst bites can be very painful, nobody has died from the poison of a redback since the development of anti-venom.

If bitten, apply an ice pack to the affected area and seek medical assistance immediately or call 000.

The female redback mature after approximately 4 months and live for 2-3 years while males mature in 90 days and live for 6-7 months.

Spider species


The Huntsman are typically long-legged, adult females which can reach sizes up to 15cm across, forward facing legs and are known for their scuttling sideways.

The Huntsman comes in a variety of colours and patterns but are mostly brown, black and grey there is over 100 species of huntsman spiders in Australia.

They are large in size, hairy and have flattened bodies and are found throughout Australia, preferring to live outside under the bark on trees, under large rocks, logs, capping of Colorbond fencing and garden sheds. As they prefer to live outside they will venture into our homes to find shelter from the elements. You will find the Huntsman in residential and commercial spaces.

Huntsman spider
The common Huntsman are actually handy to have around as they are very good predators of other small insects such as cockroaches and white tip spiders, which are much more dangerous than themselves.

If bitten, some of the side effects are localised swelling, redness, nausea, headaches and vomiting. Treat by placing an ice pack on affected area seek medical attention.

White tip spider

Spider species

White tip

They have cylindrical abdomens, grey to black bodies with dark orange brown banded stout legs and a white patch at the tip of the abdomen. The female is larger than the male, female grow up to 18mm and the male grow up to 12mm.

They are not web builders but tend to wander and are often seen inside houses, especially on summer evenings, wandering at night in search of prey or for a female to mate with.

White tip spiders tend to be quite timid, although the male will bite if threatened or startled. They are not considered aggressive and their bites are not dangerous. Once bitten Pain and swelling may occur, seek medical attention immediately as the bite can also cause tissue necrosis and ulcers. Take photo of the spider for a positive identification if safe to do so.

Brooks Reach and Horsley are areas where there seems to be a large number of white tip spiders in those areas.

Spider species

Wolf spiders

Most wolf spiders are typically brown-grey with variegated black or fawn patterns on them, the length up to 8cm in total.

They are also known as lawn or garden wolf spiders by many, this is where often seen. Most wolf spiders are wanderers but some build burrows, either with or without a trapdoor entrance.

They are not dangerous to humans, although they can give a painful bite which has been known to cause blistering skin lesions and infection, if you have been bitten seek medical attention immediately.

Wolf spider
Wolf spiders are unique in the way that they carry their eggs. The egg sac, a round silken globe, is attached to the spinnerets at the end of the abdomen, allowing the spider to carry her unborn young with her.

Immediately after the spiderlings emerge from their protective silken case, they clamber up their mother’s legs and crowd onto her abdomen.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are red backs dangerous ?
Yes, they are if you don’t receive medical treatment.
Why do I have spiders in my shoes?
Ground spiders like the white tip spider will enter shoes for protection and shelter.
Should I clean down spider webs before the treatment?
No, this will indicate where to place pesticides. Brush down 2 weeks after initial treatment.

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